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Times Editor Chris Lopez's weblog

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wash Post Newsroom

More here on what Tuesday was like inside the Washington Post newsroom. Also, the neighborhood in Santa Rosawhere Felt lives reacts to the news.


Blogger neonormal said...

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2:24 PM  
Blogger neonormal said...

All liars.

In two words the whole mess can be summed up quite nicely. They were all liars: Nixon, Colson, Liddy and just about the whole Nixon cabinet. But included in that list of frauds are Felt, Woodword, Bernstein and Bradlee and even the present-day WashPost writer Von Drehle.

They misled EVERYBODY on who Deep Throat was with red herrings they obviously knew were not true. Von Drehle's answer as to whether Woodward and Bernstein "intentionally mislead any Post staffers about Deep Throat's identity?" seems a bit odd:

David Von Drehle: "I can't find evidence they misled anyone. They just said, over and over for three decades: 'We aren't telling.'"

Being this is transcript of a verbal interview I am sure we may be missing something here in context, but Von Drehle is a bit off of any reality I am aware of.

If you lie for the cause, or tell white lies or lie to protect your sources you are still lying.

On top of being liars there is a monstrous sleaze factor applied almost across the board. There are a lot of people in this story that, well, let’s just say aren't nice people.

Tex Colson is oft quoted as saying he would walk over his grandmother for Nixon.

Pat Buchanan is a whole paradigm of sleaze in his own right.

The Felt family is already being reported as shopping around for royalties including going after cash from "All the President’s Men."

And don't ever forget Felt was passed over for head of the FBI when Hoover died. Felt made no bones about how he thought he should have been appointed by Nixon to lead the FBI.

Felt had motive for betrayal. He violated other's trust in him, he violated his oath as an FBI agent in compromising active cases and he most certainly violated the law as well. Felt is no hero. He is just another political opportunist enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

Felt himself is quoted back and forth in the echo chamber on how he approved, disapproved, disavowed, denied, took credit and Lord knows what else on him being or not being Deep Throat, or claiming heroics or dishonor or ignorance. A lot of it in the last 24 hours alone!

I have to laugh as I reminisce on this line of political/reportorial/integrity discussion. Art Buchwald, a prominent political satirist of the time, wrote a column called something like "Somebody here must be telling the truth." I think he was spoofing Sam Irvin during the Senate Watergate hearings trying to get at the truth from the aforementioned crowd of Pinocchios. Can you imagine that these clowns make Clinton look honest?

No current journalistic discussion of anonymous sources and lying can be complete without Dan Rather’s version of lying and honesty.

Dan Rather is just as funny-except he was serious-when he was defending Bill Clinton as honest with his famous line on lying and Bill Clinton "I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things."

That kind of thought process from a MSM newsman obviously defending Clinton’s lying while making a career out vilifying the Bush Presidents for lying is reason enough for Rather and his journalist ilk to put out to pasture. That is where this type of bull manure needs to reside anyway.

Remember how the media vilified Bob Novak for the now discredited CIA spy outing of the Valerie Plame fiasco? Novak is no more a hero than Felt. The big difference here is ideology. The left hates the Bushes and the right wingers who side with them and went after Novak for using almost the exact same tactics some are heralding as heroic from Felt.

This is just partisan politics. And yes they are all liars.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Chris Lopez, Times Editor said...

Neo, let 'em have it. You don't mince words, do you? Good post.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Brian Boyko said...

Felt's exposure of Watergate was exposing a crime of epic proportions - the intereference in the electoral process and the obstruction of justice of the Nixon White House.

Novak's exposure of Valarie Plame was exposing a CIA agent - a crime in itself - to harm someone who was telling the truth about the Nigerian uranium forgery.

In other words, even though Felt and Novak may have had political motives, Felt acted to expose the truth, Novak acted in order to obscure it. That makes those two leaks diametrically opposed, not equivilant.

4:28 AM  
Blogger Gordon said...

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