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Times Editor Chris Lopez's weblog

Friday, June 03, 2005

Richmond Summit

Here is the agenda for Saturday's Black-on-Black crime summit in Richmond that we've been writing about: 9:00am Prayer Rev. Brenda Sharp
9:05am Selection Joe Sharkey
9:10am Welcome Rev. Andre Shumake, Sr.
9:20am Remarks Police Chief Terry Hudson

9:25am: Intro of Families Rev. Andre Shumake, Sr.
* Landrin Kelly
* Charline Harris
* Bennie Johnson

9:36am Intro. of Vision Statements Rev. Andre Shumake, Sr.
9:40am Rev. Charles Newsome (NAACP)
9:46am Jerrold Hatchett (National Brotherhood Alliance)
9:52am Rhonda Harris (BWOPA)
9:58am Minister David Muhammad (Nation of Islam)

10:04am Break for Morning Sessions (Facilitator/Commentator)

1. Crime & Violence Min. David Muhammad / Rev. Newsome
2. Spiritual Responsibility Rev. Mitchell Martinez / Rev. Don Jones
3. Cultural Awareness Omowale Satterwhite / Terrance Elliot

11:35am Report Backs Each Facilitator (5 Mins. each)

11:50am Break for LUNCH

12:10pm Capt. Cleveland Brown (Richmond Police Department)
12:15pm NOI Jr. Sisters Drill Team
12:20pm Bro. Khalid Elahi – The Four Brothers
12:15pm Frontline Performance and Discussion

1:05 Intro. of Keynote Terrance Elliot
1:10pm Keynote Address Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu

2pm-3:30 Break for Afternoon Sessions (Facilitator/Commentator)

Economic Development Walter Ross / Joe Gross
Political Action Joe Brooks / Ted Smith
Education & Youth Barbara Williams / Ray Muhammad

3:35pm Report Backs/Announcement of Committees

4:15pm-4:25pm Summation Rev. Mitchell Martinez
4:30pm-4:40pm Faces of Violence 9 minute Tape Collage

4:40pm-4:45pm Closing Rev. Mitchell Martinez


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