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Times Editor Chris Lopez's weblog

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Teacher protest

The focus of our front page for Thursday is the massive teacher protest in Sacramento. This is an ongoing demonstration that teachers have toward the educational policies and school funding by the Schwarzenegger administration. Our goal is bring context and clarity to the issues, as well as report on the teacher protests. Our reporters on the scene, including veteran Sacramento observers, say the teacher turnout was as massive a demonstration as they've seen in Sacramento over the past several years.


Blogger neonormal said...

Mr. Lopez,

Don't you think the word massive is a bit much? Wouldn’t an estimate of overall attendance be a bit more informative to your readership and less opinionated? You do mention the estimate of Bay Area attendees. But massive? I have my doubts. And with an issue as hot as this you should be real careful with wording that could lead one to think bias. Especially in a page one above-the-fold story.

And you fail to mention tenure or pensions in you blog post. Which is okay, ‘cuz I’ll do it for you.

I am fairly sure a good number of the “massive” crowd is a more than a little concerned of those two issues. Neither of which are really educational issues. More like fiscal and job security. Neither are seen as directly helping or hampering students much. You do see evidence of this in the placards held by the protestors on page 19.

As your paper opined on several occasions, rampant pension increases are strangling our fiscal future. And as for tenure, I don’t see the modern need for tenure. It has been abused beyond any perceived benefit. Teachers should have to answer to their job performance like any of the rest of us. If they are good they should be rewarded, and if the are bad they should be fired.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Chris Lopez, Times Editor said...

From the photographs I saw, I do think there was a large mass of teachers who rallied in Sacramento.
You might interested in a question and answer segment we did on these educational issues in Sunday's newspaper. The link to that Q&A is here. Thanks for commenting.

12:24 PM  

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