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Times Editor Chris Lopez's weblog

Monday, May 09, 2005


In the check out line at a local Safeway store today when I look at the newstands and see a photograph of JonBenet Ramsey staring at me. Of course, her face was on a National Enquirer. The memories of covering that story for the Denver Post flood back. What an intense, national story her murder turned out to be. Never quite sure why a story like hers takes off and gains such national exposure. For us in Denver at the time, it was a murder on Christmas Eve in Boulder that got our interest. It turned out to be one of the most intense, competitive stories we ever engaged in. For three years that story dominated our lives. I could tell some fascinating stories about the sources we cultivated, and the inside knowledge we gained from both the defense and prosecutor teams. The police reporter who led the way for us was Marilyn Robinson, now retired. She is one of the most magnificent police reporters ever to work in a newsroom. I can't believe JonBenet is still on the cover of magazines, some eight years later.


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