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Times Editor Chris Lopez's weblog

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Journalism jargon

Gotta avoid jargon. I used the term "senior editors" in one journal entry and I realize that means nothing to nobody except newsroom people. The editors who report directly to me are the local news editor, sports editor, features editor, business editor, news research editor, editor in charge of our copy editors, editor in charge of our design staff, our photo editor and our sunday editor. I have a couple of others, including a personal assistant, and this group largely makes up the "senior editor" or "department editor" team for the newspaper. All told, we have 200-plus newsroom staff who contribute to the publication of our daily editions and our weekly publications. We operate out of five newsrooms across the East Bay from San Francisco. The mothership is located in Walnut Creek. This is where three-quarters or more of our staff is based.


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