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Times Editor Chris Lopez's weblog

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Reading a discussion about whether journalism schools should re-examine the courses they teach and how they teach to journalism students made me shout "YES." J-Schools absolutely should re-examine their curriculum, particularly as it relates to online journalism, community journalism and watchdog journalism. We see many interns, j-school students, and entry-level journalists who are not prepared for the pace of a newsroom in the 21st Century. I won't hire a journalist these days who can't write for the web site and can't juggle that aspect into their daily routine.


Blogger Brian Boyko said...

Chris, I'm a J-school student at the University of Texas, about a hair's breadth away from getting my M.A. in Journalism. I completely agree, although I will admit that many courses at U.T. deal with the subject of blogging, specifically Multimedia Journalism by Prof. Alves and Editorial Column Writing by Prof. Olasky.

I think that U.T. relies quite a bit on the Daily Texan for training, though, and there is a definite "print first, web later" mentality there - at least for the time being.

A number of people don't even know what RSS feeds are. I actually asked if we could set one up, but it turns out we've been generating one - we just haven't been marking it as an RSS feed on the webpage. (it's buried somewhere under "syndication," which I always thought was a link to U-wire.)

I know this is asking quite a bit, but your paper and your blog seem very web-savvy... what advice would you give to entry-level journalists just graduating now when they enter the workforce?

My email is and my (recently started weblog) is I will take any pointers you have to give.

Brian Boyko

8:04 PM  

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